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enlinea design encompasses the professional work of Henrique Siblesz, a creative designer who enjoys bringing projects to fruition and pleasing clients during the process.


Working on the best solution and new ways of approaching a project, Henrique is constantly looking to expand his horizons. Collaborating with other designers, learning new techniques, and bringing creativity to existing clients and opening possibilities to new ones.


Henrique worked at National Geographic magazine for a year and a half as a graphic design production specialist. He continued freelancing for the digital production team for an additional year. His main accomplishments include his contributions to the special issues; designing Exploring History: 13 Notorious Villains, released October 2013. As part of the editorial team, he has worked on the monthly feature stories for print, merging that content onto the iPad and digital editions, and briefly helped with mock ups for a new website launching soon. He has also used his skill-set in contributing to the maps, graphics, and illustrations of the magazine. A true team player, Henrique is adept at working in large teams to make sure no detail is overlooked.

Ambitions and resourceful as a young designer can be, Henrique has spent years growing his business while also traveling abroad. This gave him the opportunity to see design as a broader spectrum of services, from art directing to sketching, coding to networking.

Previously Henrique worked at the design studio KINETIK in Washington D.C. for two years after his graduation from the Corcoran College of Art + Design with his BFA degree in Graphic Design. He brought a blend of traditional publications design and cutting edge multimedia experience, focusing primarily on digital and interactive projects. His work encompassed collaborating in a creative group environment on large projects. Materials ranged from web site development, promotional videos, conference previews and digital materials, informational calendars, as well as other multimedia projects. His artistic skills and ability to multitask were highly regarded along with his patience.

Alongside his formal education at the Corcoran College of Art + Design, Henrique worked for four years as a freelance graphic designer at Washington Projects for the Arts, a non-profit organization which promotes artists of DC, Maryland and Virginia. He worked on developing exhibition invitations, catalogues, signage, and their first annual report. After his graduation he continues to design all the collateral for WPA's largest yearly fundraiser, the WPA Art Auction Gala.


Henrique Siblesz

Skill set

Hands on experience with platforms Apple and PC, as well as web management implementation with tools such as:

InDesign | K4 | DPS
After Effects


Filemaker Pro
Final Cut

Drupal | WordPress
Google Analytics

English (fluent)
Spanish (fluent)
Italian (beginner)

Project Management Certification Course


Burgers & Fries